As one person I cannot change the world, But I can change the world of one person.

Make Every Single Kind Gesture Count!

When you sponsor a child you’ll be stepping into a life-changing connection that empowers the child and their community for a future filled with opportunity and getting orphans off the streets. Your support helps provide the platform to empower girls, ladies, orphans and women.

Who We Are

Glow Up is an initiative that focuses on girls and women ages 10-18 living in orphanages and foster homes. The project is centered around forming partnerships to design and execute training programs to empower them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence that they need to be economic leaders in their communities and societies; ultimately contributing to raising a new generation of orphaned females that are transformed from within, and have a positive glow everywhere they go, regardless of their current or past circumstances.

Why Orphans?

UNICEF estimates that there are 153 million children worldwide that are orphans (2017), ranging from infants to teenagers, have lost one or both of their parents. Nearly 13 million orphans — who have lost both parents — are now living in orphanages or on the streets. These children face enormous challenges to their health and development and it is estimated that 95% do not receive any type of medical, emotional, social, material, or school-related assistance. That is why at GLOW UP, we are committed to developing their leadership potential,  and connecting them with academic and professional opportunities.

Why Girls/ Women?

A Forbes article titled “Lead like a girl: how to empower women at every level” cited that close to 52% of professional jobs are held by women, yet women are substantially underrepresented in leadership roles. Women make up only 14.6% of executive officers, 8.1% of top earners, and 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs. The same article states “women can be powerful agents of change to address these inequalities"(2014).

Why Foster Children?

According to U.S. national statistics: 40-50% of children in foster care will never complete high school. 66% of children will be homeless, go to jail or die within 1 year of leaving the foster care system at 18. 80% of the prison population once was in foster care, and that girls in foster care are 600% more likely to become pregnant by the age of 21.

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Help us continue to impact the lives of more Orphans and Foster Children by connecting them with the right opportunities and exposing them to tools that will support their growth and development 

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